The Manifesto of WALEX COSMOS - WHY WALEX 

As the artificial intelligence (AI) is rising fast with its accelerated developments in the related technologies, we, the human beings as the innovator of AI, must brace ourselves for what will come out of this Pandora’s box amid the ongoing industrial revolution – the Cybernetic Revolution – in the 21st century. One of the most significant challenges is the AI’s disruption to our labor market, and thus our education system. It’s simply vital for our modern society to inspire and train the new generation of pupils so that they can well co-op with AI rather than being replaced by it when they grow up to enter the labor market. 


WALEX, as an alternative to our current formal education system, is a learn-by-play edutainment system whose contents (from the historic lessons to the most up-to-date macro events; from real news to sci-fi narratives) and knowledge-base architecture are built by AI techniques and knowledge technology with the following three key features: 

  1. horizontally, its educational elements and scope integrate the prospects of AI, STEAM and macro finance education. 

  2. vertically, its educational fun and depth run from the kid and juvenile levels to the college and professional levels. 

  3. dynamically and consistently, its interesting stories and game mechanisms (from board games to esports) for learning inspiration and decision-making training allow teachers to establish a pupil’s progressive learning profile to be analyzed by AI for learning and career-preparing assistance. 

WALEX, started as an advanced educational experiment project by Dr Jenher Jeng (PhD of Statistics, UC Berkeley) in 2008, has followed the U.S. guidelines of "How To Build a Student For the 21st Century" to train people to build these four essential abilities – understanding our world, critical thinking outside the box for problem-solving, smart judgement on information content and source and communication skills. This innovative project and system have gone through numerous experiments with many institutional partners globally, including universities, high schools, elementary schools and companies. Now, through all the efforts in the past decade, we’re building a global platform to push this project into the next stage in co-op with partners from University of California at Berkeley, Lawrence Hall of Science (U.S.), CASE of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany) and High Scope Project of Ministry of Science and Technology (Taiwan) for the core research and development works and, on the other hand, with partners from Junior Achievement and Hong Kong Management Association for organization and promotion of global curriculums and tournaments.


Step by step, the WALEX project has a transition mission to pioneer artificial intelligence and knowledge technology for the construction of Web 3.0 with smart data in the next 10 years; furthermore, it’s aimed to lead the human efforts to build the ultimate industry of upgrading people with cybernetic technology in the long future to come. We sincerely believe in the motto of WALL (the knowledge-base of WALEX): 

Better (Wiser) People, Better World! 

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